The Paper Foundry

We love design, flowers, exploring Queen Street, neon pink hearts, baking, beautiful type,
cute animals, interior decorating, ice cream and Johnny Depp.

One thing we don’t love?
Bad kerning.


gerund or present participle: kerning; noun: kerning
1. adjust the spacing between (letters or characters) in a piece of text to be printed.

We are, first and foremost, experienced designers, so we take pride in everything that we do.
The Paper Foundry is a boutique invitation and paper goods studio based in Toronto, Canada.

Let us tell your story.

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Michelle is an Art Director + Graphic Designer who has been in the publishing / advertising industry for the last 10 years. Her career has taken her from working at magazines, to fashion advertising. When commissioned by her friends to do wedding invitations, Michelle found that in the process of designing them, it provided her with an endless outlet for creative possibilities.


Creative Director, Co-Founder

Jill is an Art Director + Graphic designer with 10 years of experience and is currently in the beauty industry. She started her career in the fashion retail and fashion advertising industry and has worked for both small and well-known brands, at home and overseas. After planning and designing her own wedding, her love for the wedding industry, and namely wedding stationery, grew leaps and bounds.

Michelle and Jill met while working as designers at an advertising agency.
One day, while having their favourite flavour of froyo (Original Tart!), they found a
mutual love for wedding stationery. And so The Paper Foundry was born.

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